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Transfer Files Backup Plus Slim Mac 1TB Portable Drive from mac to windows
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This external hard drive mac is offers you a 10GB free cloud storage to backup all your videos, photos, music, documents and important files. It allows you to backup mobile content. It is USB 3. Toshiba external hard drive is well furnished with aluminum. It has been recommended over 6 times by the selected media websites. Toshiba Canvio Slim is a useful external hard drive that offers a bigger storage capacity besides its large backup storage.

It also has a password feature that ensures that your data is protected around the clock. Its USB2. Just as the name suggests, this external hard drive for mac is slimmer than the other mentioned hard dive. It records a high speed and excellent performance. G-Drive slim which people who are looking for external storage to save pictures a photos and music with a maximum storage of GB. It uses a USB 3.

Furthermore, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. It is light thus convenient to carry it around. At least 4 media websites from the selected 10 recommended it. It records high transfer and read speed as compared to any USB 3. To add on it is portable and offers enough external storage. One demerit of this external hard dive for mac is that it does not come with any packaged software.

How to format your hard drive | LaCie Support ASEAN

If you are looking for a Mac external hard drive, that lets backup files within a click, then look no more. Transcend StoreJet will exactly does that. This software is well designed and integrated with a military shock resistant.

You can quickly transfer your data files from Mac to this external hard drive mac either with UB 2. From the 10 sources it has been mentioned at least three times. It is the best mac external hard drive especially for those people who travel more often. It has silicon shell with an incredible casing that enable it resist shock. It performance is also good. However, this external hard drive for mac is slightly heavier as compared to other Mac external hard drives.

With external hard drive for Mac, people are used to store their business data or personal data on it. However, the wrong protection will cause the data lost from your external hard drive. SSD Boost your performance. Rescue Rescue your data. Choose the Right Drive. PC Gaming. Surveillance Center. Creative Professionals.

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Nytro Leverage flash storage. Exos Achieve greater capacity. Systems Deploy better infrastructure. Lyve Data Labs. Data Security. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Software Downloads. And the size of the drive reflects its sturdy design, as the internal drive is wrapped up in a rubber-padded and shock-resistant casing that meets US military standards and is capable of resisting falls from a height of 1.

The case is also rated IP53, which means that it's both water- and dust-resistant, so it'll be ideal for use on building sites or in muddy fields at music festivals. For extra convenience, the drive has an integrated USB cable that is permanently attached, and wrapped in a thick layer or rubber to help keep it safe. The cable is only about six inches long, but we were pleased to see that Buffalo also includes a USB extension cable in case the fixed cable isn't long enough. That's perfectly adequate for routine backups when you're out and about, and the drive worked fine with Time Machine on my trusty old MacBook Air as well.

Choosing the Best External Hard Drive for Mac

Our only minor complaint is that - once again - Buffalo seems a little uncertain about the Mac side of things. However, we had trouble locating the software on Buffalo's website - and the site also seemed to indicate that it wouldn't work with the current Mojave version of the macOS although it did run perfectly well on Mojave once we'd managed to download it. The rather confusing hotch-potch of PDF help files was a little irritating as well.

Fortunately, you can use Apple's own Disk Utility to reformat the drive, so you don't need to spend too much time wading through Buffalo's website, and the ultra-rugged design of the MiniStation Extreme will ensure that it earns its keep when you're out in the soggy British summer, or working in harsh environments.

Format An External Hard Drive For Use With Mac & Windows

However, the company recently overhauled the Backup Plus range , putting more emphasis on portable drives for laptop users. The new models are all compact, portable drives, although they offer a number of different designs and features. However, the top-of-the-range model is the new Backup Plus Ultra Touch. The Ultra Touch measures just 12mm thick, 78mm wide and mm long, and weighs g, so you can easily slip it into a jacket pocket or a bag when you're travelling with your laptop.

It's available in either black or white, and finished off with a smart woven fabric that makes a nice change from the dull monochrome colours of most hard drives. There's a standard USB 3. The drive can be used for automatic Time Machine backups on your Mac, but you can also use the 'mirror' option in the ToolKit app to automatically back up individual folders so that they're always right up-to-date and don't have to wait for Time Machine's hourly backups.

The ToolKit app also handles the encryption process for the Ultra Touch, although we found Seagate's manual - or lack thereof - to be rather unhelpful, leaving us to look around for FAQs and information about this encryption and other features on the company's website. Performance is respectable enough, although the Ultra Plus won't win any awards for high-speed backups. Even so, that performance will be fine for routine backups when you're travelling, and the encryption option will be really useful if you want to make sure that your private data stays private even if the drive is lost or stolen.

A thoroughly modern drive, it's setup using a mobile app for iOS and Android rather than a laptop. Within a few minutes it'll appear as a shared network drive, accessible from your MacBook and other connected devices, such as smart TVs. You can view stored videos and photos directly from your phone, again using the app to access them. Like other smart devices of this ilk, the app is both a strength and a weakness.

It allows actions not possible with the average portable hard drive but does crash on occasion.

Backup Plus for Mac Desktop

We like it most as a drive attached to a main laptop or desktop that can be accessed throughout the house without any extra setup involved. It can also be used to backup data wirelessly while out and about, connecting directly to the Wi-Fi networks the WD Wireless Pro transmits. It creates both 2. The WD Wireless Pro is great for versatility and convenience, but performance is not best-in-class. Also, transfer rates are naturally much slower when backing-up wirelessly. It's a perfectly sound speed if you need to ferry over a few hundred megabytes of data.

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  6. But if you want to transfer a fistful of gigabytes, plugging the drive in is a better idea. It has a few extra features, though. It's a great way for photographers to back up files quickly out in the field. There's a multi-purpose 4-LED array on the top too. This shows how much battery left, or how close a file transfer is to being complete. A smartphone-style power brick is included in the box. The drive is, predictably, a lot larger than a standard portable hard drive because of all the extra tech required. Its footprint covers about twice the area of an ultra-portable alternative, and it's roughly 20 per cent thicker than a 3TB portable drive.

    However, the WD Wireless Pro is still much smaller than a 3. Don't treat it too poorly, though, as it's an all-plastic enclosure with no official ruggedisation. Remember to switch it off when you're done too as it will otherwise stay active until the battery runs dry. After a few hours' use the WD Wireless Pro's underside feels a little warm, which is no surprise when there is no fan inside. The LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 is much more than just a hard drive. To start, it contains two drives, not just one.

    They are enterprise class drives a cut above those you'd buy in a high street electronics shop. It instantly earns extra points for reliability. Using such high-quality drives in a smart enclosure also lets the LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 reach SSD-like speeds when reading and writing large files. While that still looks slow next to the fastest M. This isn't a NAS drive or a miniature server box, but it does have several important additional features.

    A simple LaCie application lets you switch to a RAID 1 setup, where the same data is written to the two drives simultaneously to protect against data loss.

    Bottom line

    This also roughly halves the write speed, though. You have to choose between great performance and good reliability, or great backup reliability and speed that is simply very good for an HDD. It has an all-aluminium enclosure and a light-up eyeball on the front that glows blue, or red when something has gone terribly wrong. You're unlikely to encounter too many issues, though, because while this is a high-end unit it still has the simplicity of a consumer product. For example, you can just pull at the aluminium blocks at the front to open-up the drive bays, no cables involved.

    The LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3's connectivity is comprehensive too.

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