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What Is a Smart Folder?
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Note: We will update once we confirm this tip is compatible with macOS Mojave. Name required. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Will address that later, as I believe anything I try to save from this point forward will be in Cloud. The differences between the two giant folders are buried down in sub-sub-sub folders…is Mac OS really too stupid to look for anything dissimilar below the names of the top folders???

The quickest and safest way is to copy all files from MAC to windows, then remove all duplicates on windows and copy back to Mac. I just did a ditto from source to destination. In theory the destination should have all the files from source and update any newer files from source to destination. This suggests the Finder option-drag does in fact drill down into subfolders macOS Mojave And given that the DSCF A second option-drag after the first one completes with a merge results in offering a merge again with a different dialog.

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Ok, maybe that is doing a ditto. Looking for a file or data base merge solution between high sierra and sierra iOS.

How to Cut & Paste Files and Folders in Mac OS X with Keyboard Shortcuts

Im being told that I cannot migrate phots for example from high sierra back to sierra. Can I export them and convert them? Need an over all solution as I reverted back to sierra after a nightmare experience when updating to high sierra and losing tons of files randomly. I have no idea what I have lost. I created a little app in Automator that streamlines the ditto process without needing to open a terminal window. Double-click the app, get a finder popup for the source, then a finder popup for the destination, and done.

Key parts of OneDrive Setup

Works with folders with different names, and to an NAS for my setup at least. Hi Jason, to share the app I guess you can put the automator file or a compressed file with it in any cloud, say Dropbox, and share here the link to that particular file. Jason I am very interested in finding a solution to merging folders and sub folders and files. Is there a way we can connect via phone or email? Ive spent three month now with tech support high level at Apple and been in a continuous loop where each of the the 7 techs had contradicted themselves.

The latest example was today when after two hours i was told that the ditto command only replicates files and the option key with drag and drop will not merge subfolders. I get a different explanation with every tech i seal to, very unsettling and scary. Windows does this so easily btw…. It will only move over the dissimilar files buried all the way down through all of your sub-folders. Had no idea Mac OS struggled with this! I have only tested it in Sierra. Thank you for the input on merging folders and the app created.

I am on Sierra. I still have files missing after 4 months of working with Apple senior advisors. The files went missing after and upgrade to high Sierra. For a single combo keystroke you would need to setup an Automator action to perform the copy behavior and then define a destination folder for where to paste. Thanks a lot… This is soooo useful. I hated the duplicate files on my mac cos of the lack of the cut-paste feature!

Should have seen this earlier. Yes Mac can cut and paste with right-click. Right-click choose Copy, then use the Paste trick identified here. The terms for file cut and paste are from Windows but the feature works the same on the Mac. It is really a question of compatibility. I use Mac, ubuntu, mintoOS, and sometimes even windoze. Sadly, TotalFinder will not be compatible with El Capitan, forcing me to look for alternatives.

Thank you for taking the time to share this useful information. Now, waiting for that snap window feature…. Still on Mac. I agree with basic file management, but because I started on windows and work with it every day. I found Quicksilver to do an amazing jog on file management keystrokes. Try it. Thanks a lot! This is soooo useful. Should have seen this earlier!! Thanks again! As such… A user should be able to accomplish any desktop task, with the mouse, if desired. A user should be able to accomplish any desktop task, with the keyboard, if desired.

Yes, it may clutter things up a bit… but a computer is a TOOL and it should be treated as such.

Drag Files & Folders Between Desktops & Full Screen Apps in Mac OS X

Along these same lines, it is also good to be able to accomplish MOST keyboard tasks with the left side of the keyboard, so that efficiency can be improved on even more by using BOTH the keyboard and mouse interactively, at the same time, keyboard in left hand, mouse in right. This can be done on a PC — as any PC power user would know. This cannot be done on a Mac. After over 20 years in MS from DOS to Windows I finally moved to the Mac side — more to experience the beauty of the interface and learn new things, than a move of allegiance.

Coming from MS, ctrl-x ctrl-v is second nature and ctrl-drag shift-drag third nature — nothing to with being old!

Relocated Items Folder, MacOS Catalina

The change in finger-mouse operations will be a challenge to learn but then I did make the move from walking to bicycle — eventually! After 20 years using Windows I was finally persuaded by friends and family to buy a Mac. Finder is primitive compared to Windows Explorer. SO … Option key right?? Or is it puto ALT key?

Next time use the universal name for the putos keys please. A truly unbelievable thread! Instead of commenting in a relevant manner about the new feature, like it or not, all you people do is sit around and insult reach other. Would have been very welcoming for those of us new to Mac. Come on, Apple!

An OS should be flexible enough to let people work in the way that best suits them. So anyone who uses a mouse is now an object of derision? Can you people separate your personal identity and self worth from your computing preferences? Thank you for this post. I seriously LOVE the internet, and everything you need to know is a bloody google search away.

For that, cut and paste came to OS X Lion on a filesystem level, providing for a Windows-style system of moving items around the […]. Thank you for telling how to move files.. Yes there are shortcuts but only if you look hard or custom-add them yourself. Well, they were the first to make the mouse mainstream, so maybe that explains it. I guess nothing is perfect.

Arranging Icons on the Mac Desktop

I just bought a macbook pro after having an Ipad 2 for months. I have had a computer on my desk since and wrote a program for a basic class in college when most of the mac users were not even a thought. My office is completely paperless since and I have used a computer every day in my law practice for over 23 years. I love all technology. Mac is counterintutive to windows users. If you want to move a file to another directory that requires scrolling or opening another Finder window this is a welcome new feature.

OSX is a very advanced OS, and this feature fills a very real need.

Copying, Moving, and Grouping Files in macOS Mojave

It also improves the OS overall. And yes, I have learned all the keystrokes, know how to drag and drop and all the bells and whistles. I finally bought a Mac couple of weeks ago, and have been doing nothing but learn how stupid this OS is, and how Apple has forced you into doing things their way. Also astonishing is how uninformed MAC users are about Windows. Instead, they champion preach?

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Turn your argument around and you can say the same about Windows enthusiasts. There is lack of knowledge and zealotry in either camp. And frankly, I prefer productivity over choice any day. They want to plug in the device and be done. You obviously have no idea what the OP has been complaining about. I prefer the Mac before Windows in almost every way. Amen, bro. Wakey wakey, Tim Cook. I just bought my first Mac a week ago.

I have to wait all these years for this to happen? Learn to use a keyboard like the rest of the world. Feel that pain in your shoulder? Thanks for saying my words! Mac is designed for average users who operate most of the things using a mouse. For dialogs, escape for canceling dialog. Space and Enter for two other options. Also under keyboard shortcut setting or somewhere I forgot where you can set it so that you can tab through the buttons.

For menus there is a keyboard short cut to move focus to it control F2? That would be much more inefficient than with a mouse. As someone who does things MUCH faster with a keyboard, I find the notion of having to open multiple windows and drag files around a bit limiting. Andy I agree. Just FYI: moving files from one place to another not a copy has always been possible by simply holding the Command key when dragging your files. The command becomes a move and not a copy. Actually newbies use the mouse in the beginning. Advanced users use the keyboard more, so this says something about your level of experience or lack of it.

Jeff is probably a 12 year old girl who has never heard of keyboard shortcuts on the Mac. Anyone who says otherwise is a mouse-using n00b, like Jeff. News for you, the world is bigger than your group of friends. Name required.

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