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Saunders ejected safely. MAJ J. Early 's camo trials with 77SQN. Later 2OCU anniversary markings. LCOL R. Bartolett ejected safely. CDR D. NWC; VX F-5 pilot LT Terrence E.

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Mulkeen killed. First D flight on 6 May This was flown for the first time at St Louis on May 6, LT Neidhold and?? No injuries. One pilot ejected safely, 1LT Brian R. Blaisdell, USMC, ejected but killed. LT Dave Warne killed. Pilot ejected, rescued form water by Coast Guard, taken to Lower Keys Hospital - suffered a broken arm and a collapsed lung. Pilot ejected directly into the water and was killed instantly. FL JUL Not repaired. This mix up was among the many factors cited for the confusion surrounding the Speicher case. Recovered and treated by medics.

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Wittwer ejected but killed. Retired from the Blue Angels and is their first preserved C model. Jeff Kuss. CV VFA Merrill ejected. Last noted dumped there Oct and presumably subsequently scrapped. Thompson ejected but suffered major injuries upon impact with ship.

Noted in open storage at Camarillo, CA Aug 25, Stennis 4-AUG Timothy M. Curry killed. Both ejected. Pilot ejected safely. USAF Pilot ejected safely and was recovered. VMFA present. Pilot Capt. John T. Berger killed. LT Kevin Duggan ejected and suffered only minor injuries. He had to wrap his parachute around himself against the cold conditions after landing at a height of 6,ft in snow covered mountains. Was apparently returned to service by Oct Replacement pilot was at near idle power setting for five seconds in the groove.

Pilot ejected OK. Pilot uninjured. Pilot LT M. Gautreaux ejected. Pilot ejected, rescued safely, WSO died of his injuries after ejection. LT Glennon Kersgieter lost at sea.

F/A-18F Super Hornet Demo NAS Oceana Air Show 2017

VFA Pilot did not eject, walked away uninjured. Multiple large birdstrikes. Kratzer and 1LT T. Harp ejected at low level. CDR L. Fox ejected. Crashed in Atlantic 90 miles east of Jacksonville. LCDR J. Muir ejected safely during a solo flight. Stennis was in the back seat. Solo pilot LT Rich Rivera ejected safely, but 12 members of flight deck crew were injured. Capt Mark R. G-induced loss of consciousness blamed. Both crew ejected.

Derek R. Nichols [CAF] did not eject, survived the crash, but died in hospital later that day. LCOL T. Pennington, MAJ D. Yurovich aboard. Marine Corps, touched down in Halli. The D-model departed on the 25th after 15 Finnish trial flights. Two F-5 Aircrew rescued safely back-seater was a midshipman. F pilot Lt. Jeremy S. Wise was killed. Both crew ejected and recovered. Kennedy CV 67 , killing the pilot, Lt. Jason E. Kennedy CV The Hornet was part of a two-plane flight on a routine cross-country training mission with a planned refuel stop at Raleigh-Durham.

On 10 Mar during maintenance check flight, aircraft suffered fuselage fuel leak and subsequent fire. Main runway was closed so he had to use a shorter runway with no cable. LT Jason Doyle Walker ejected safely. LT Skaran ejected safely. MAC with Spahr killed. Stennis CVN 74 20 Mar Crashed into North Arabian Sea. Jeffries ejected safely with only minor cuts and abrasions,. Hinz killed. Pilot LT Darren Jewell killed. Both crew ejected and were rescued. Blackmon Jr. Cary D.

Capt D. Henry G. Van Winkle was killed. Pilot ejected and was injured. Pilot and WSO killed. LT Nathan Dennis White ejected but killed. LT Chris Williams safely recovered. SOC Aug 30, Stennis on 18 Jan Used at Boeing St Louis for special project flight tests.

SOC Jun 12, Wired to carry cameras to capture separation of bombs and missiles. LT Jonathan Bennett Nolan killed.

Download F/A Hornet (Mac) - My Abandonware

Capt Christopher Hodges ejected safely and landed on the carrier deck but was not seriously injured. NWC, VX Landed safely with no injury. Eisenhower CVN 69 on 16 Sep The pilot ejected safely and was recovered. VFA in flight fire Dec Eisenhower CVN 69 on 25 Sep Pilot safely ejected and recovered.

Pilot LT James Guimond ejected safely. LRIP 1.

Capts Matthew Shortal and Michael Johnson ejected safely and were picked up. Cause was attributed to material failure during a functional check flight with one engine shut down. LT Bruce L. Clark was killed. Both aircraft saw each other but could not avoid collision. Pilot Lieutenant Matthew S. Benson were killed. Pilot Lieutenant Joel A.

Download F/A-18 Hornet (Mac)

Nevarez were killed. The No. Truman CVN Aircrew ejected and recovered. VX-9, VFA Pilot ejected and recovered. Rolled out Jul 8, , first flight Jul 20, AGMC test jet, Sept RAAF A Both aircrew ejected and were recovered without injury. VX-9 damaged Nov 17, due to inflight fire. First flight July 13 , official rollout on July 29 MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free!


Browse By My Abandonware. Download 3 MB. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. Send comment. Just one click to download at full speed! Mac Version. Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games:. Follow Us! Top downloads. List of top downloads. Latest releases. Screenshots needed. Read our screenshot tutorial. Flight , Vehicular Combat Simulator.